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Mi Art Course

MESSY ART (3-6 yo)

Messy Art is all about creating and experimenting with raw art materials. It provides chances to the kids to foster their curiosity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. And by making choices about how they use the provided materials, they build self-confidence and independence. 

It is one of the best ways for children to explore and experience the new things around the world.

EXPLORER Art (7-10 yo)

Explorer Art are activities that actively engage children's imagination through visual arts, crafts, music, movement and dance, and drama and storytelling. Explorer Art is the best way to improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills in young learners and no doubt, these will boost their confidence and give them the sense of responsibility. It is the prime time for kids to explore art.

ADVENTURER Art (10-15 yo)

Kids in this level has been exposed to different areas of knowledge and stronger observation skills. Hence, teacher will be applying different teaching methods to guide them on art appreciation and also their aesthetic taste. This will advocate the imagination and creativity of kids. Public Speaking will be included to allow kids share their own thought and enhance their confident.

Fly me to the mooon.jpg

28 Sep 2019
10AM-1PM  |  2PM-5PM

New Sun Moon - Cheras HQ | Bangsar South

Fly Me To The Moon

Have your kids ever wondered and have zillions of questions about the glowing moon in the night sky? In celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival, the activities this month revolve around the fun facts of the moon, scientific experiments & a simple cookery.  On board your kids on our rocket to enjoy a  ride to the moon!


24 Aug 2019
10AM-1PM  |  2PM-5PM

New Sun Moon - Cheras HQ | Bangsar South


CAR-Toon, an adventurous Multiple Intelligence art & crafts workshop! Kids will be exposed to a whole world of scientific fun facts while getting active with real-life human board-game, and more! Cars-themed activities are definitely suitable for your girls, and boys!

Lollipop Poster.jpg

20 Jul 2019
10AM-1PM  |  2PM-5PM

New Sun Moon - Cheras HQ | Bangsar South

Lollipop Day

A fun and eye-opening experiences awaits the children! From lollipop play dough, spider pops making, Incy Wincy spider 'Pops' singing & dancing, to snail's 'fashion designing', DIY Lollipop soap making as well as Taste Buds exploring! Multiple Intelligences engaged throughout the activities to help the children to discover their amazing world!

School Holiday Camp

mi talent fear factor poster.jpg

Fear Factor

Summer Holiday Camp 2019

5 -7 Aug 2019

Tenby International School, Setia Ecohill

A fun and exploratory half-day themed-camp for international school children of age 6 to 11 years old. MI Talent Camp offers you “FEAR Factor”, brought to you by MI Art, an art wonder-land for kids through Multiple Intelligence learning & the co-organizer TALENTCODE, which empowers individuals to decode their key talents and lead a smarter life. Various motivational & interactive activities designed to encourage children in identifying their fear, overcoming their fear & instilling the seed of courage.


Fear Factor 2.0
之小孩(偶尔) 坏坏,大人更加爱爱

9, 10, 11 Dec 2019

CAMP A : Half Day Camp 9am to 1pm

CAMP B : 3 Days 2 Nights

Age Group : 8 to 13 years old

Venue : University of Malaya

Calling for all energetic and adventurous students.

This school holiday would never be boring with Fear Factor 2.0 !

Come join us in our【FEAR FACTOR 2.0】school holiday camp and you will become a better and more lively child !

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